What you don’t know about employment law can cost you. Protect your company’s future success. Get expert answers to your questions before they become problems.

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Finding ways to protect your company while satisfying and motivating employees is a challenge.

We can help you do it.

We have shared our HR expertise with organizations of all sizes and types for more than three decades. Combining our deep understanding of HR issues with practical and appropriate solutions makes us invaluable to our clients.

We address the gamut of HR concerns: from creating policies and procedures to keep companies running smoothly, to educating managers how to implement those policies. From resolving employee problems and disputes, to conducting HR and workplace Investigations in California. From helping our clients stay out of court, to providing litigation support as expert HR witnesses. We are Human Resources Consultants based in the Bay Area serving clients in San Jose, San Francisco, or nearby areas and performing investigations all over California. If you have an HR question, Three Sixty HR can help.

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Employment law can be tricky – and confusing.
The right answer is usually a combination of federal, state and local requirements. Read over these cases and see if you’d know how to respond in these real life situations.


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Every employer wants to believe they’ve got a good team they can trust. And in most cases, they have.

Unfortunately, even good people sometimes stray from company expectations. Here are some of the issues we were asked to investigate.



"Our auditors were so impressed with your work on our handbook that they asked for your contact information for one of their clients in need of one."
- Large Private Foundation